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Star Trek Nero

So it wasn't a plot hole after all. An upcoming comic that fills us in on Nero's activities during that vague 25 year period. Honestly, I don't get the whole comic-book-as-a-blockbuster-movie-marketing-tool thing. The audience is so niche that you could probably grab a larger and more diverse set of eyeballs on youtube with a blooper reel. In the olden days, comics were more readily available to kids -- and cheaper. Now it's a narrow group of mostly males in their 20s keeping the industry alive. Maybe the small buzz is worth it. I do like the idea of storytelling on multiple mediums though -- for the smaller genre films that really need it. I guess it comes down to low cost, low risk.

The Spirit

Tempted to call this a good bad film but I won’t. Great cinematography, loads of eye candy -- exhibit A: Mendes, Eva -- watching it on mute is almost enjoyable…. Almost. Brings back 80s flashbacks of “Flash Gordon”. Today’s fanboys want their comic book adaptations taken seriously. Going camp was a gamble and Frank Miller rolled snake eyes. An R-rating might also have been the way to go, but I’m sure the marketing folks had images of “Spirit” lunchboxes and “Dr. Octopus” action figures with kung-fu grips, dancing in their heads. A semi-interesting failure.