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Midnight Podcast – Final Episode



Midnight Podcast Episode 171


A ton of zombie carnage this week! My special guest is Matt Simpson, director of the awesome zombie short Plague. And six zombie movie reviews: CarnageCake reviews Dead Space Downfall (2008); Jeff from DC reviews The Chilling (1989) and Warning Sign (1985); Ghislain reviews The Road (2009); and I review Edges of Darkness (2008) and The Beyond (1981). In this week’s beer review, Brian in Colorado talks about his favorite beer names.

Zombie News:

Real News: Zombie Bandit update: he’s been sentenced

Zombie Research: “Survival Lessons from Haiti”

Music this week: Impediments | Damage Inc.

Midnight Podcast Special Edition – City of the Dead


The next in the series of Midnight Podcast Books of the Month finally arrives. I fly solo on this one, talking about why I liked Brian Keene’s City of the Dead. At the end, I read an email review of the book sent in by Brian in Colorado.

Midnight Podcast Episode 170


Another great show stuffed full of zombie death and destruction. Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 Blu-ray and DVD were released this week, and Strangeland sent in his review and rant for your enjoyment. Brian . . . from elsewhere talks about Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (1993), and Misfitboy continues talking about Romero-related zombie films with his review of Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006). I talk about the fairly new release, Carriers (2009), and then continue my discussion of Lucio Fulci’s zombie movies by talking about City of the Living Dead (1980). CarnageCake also sent in a great audio review for City. And Brian in Colorado takes care of this week’s beer review — one you’ll never forget.

Zombie News:

Real News: “Man escapes charges for barbecuing pet dog”

Zombie Research: “Zombie Maneaters of India”

Music this week: Rot Shit

Midnight Podcast Episode 169


This week is the first in the series of Lucio Fulci’s zombie movies, and I talk about Zombi 2 (1979). CarnageCake also sent in his thoughts about Zombi 2 after just having seen it for the first time. I also review the upcoming horror/exploitation trailer collection Stephen Romano Presents: Shock Festival, which hits shelves February 9, 2009. Gaby (ZombieGirl on the forums) sent in her review of Hood of the Living Dead (2005). Brian in Colorado supplies this week’s beer review, and Misfitboy reviews the first Romero remake, Night of the Living Dead (1990).

Zombie News:

Real News: “Government Grants Mortosis Research $300M” (thanks to Misfitboy)

Zombie Research: “What Do Zombies & LSD Have in Common?”

Music this week: Meat Puppets | Exhumed

Midnight Podcast Episode 168


Happy New Year! A special guest joins me on the first episode of 2010. Beer reviews are provided by Third Coast Zed and Brian in Colorado, and Misfitboy reviews Diary of the Dead (2007). I review Raiders of the Living Dead (1986) and Quick and the Undead (2006). Make sure you check out the Midnight Podcast Youtube channel for Midnight Podcast TV Episode 2, which goes along with this episode.

Zombie News:

Real News: Funeral homes offering free funerals to drunk drivers on New Year’s

Zombie Research: “The Last Thing You’d Eat”

Music this week: Dead Milkmen | Depth Charge

Midnight Podcast Episode 167


Merry Christmas from the Midnight Podcast! Thanks to Front Range Creative for the sweet zombie Christmas tunes.

This week, Misfitboy reviews George Romero’s Land of the Dead for his series of Romero living dead movies. Brian in Colorado gives a (non-) beer review, and I talk about two of the finest pieces of zombie cinema ever produced: Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (2005) and Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005). I also review the Image comics release of I Sell the Dead.

Zombie News:

Real News: “Dogs That Survived by Eating Dead Owner Get New Home”

Zombie Research: “Deadly Amoeba in Organ Donation”

Music this week: Zombie Christmas | GG Allin | Butthole Surfers

Midnight Podcast Episode 166


In a tribute to Z.A. Recht, I replay the interview I held with him at Horror Realm this year.

Things get crazy this week, as they tend to do this close to the holidays. First of all, I’ll tell you why Nick Tallo is a sad old man who treats his fans like shit. Then we’ll be hearing a lot of fun thoughts from CarnageCake, and beer reviews from Alan and Brian in Colorado. Misfitboy continues his Romero reviews with Day of the Dead (1985), and I review Mulberry Street (2006), I’ll See You in My Dreams (2003), and Plague (2009). Plus I’ll tell you about the Antarctic Press one-shot comic  A Very Zombie Christmas.

Zombie News:

Real News: “Scientists Hope Zombie Pigs Will Save Lives on the Battlefield”

Zombie Research: “Using Improvised Weapons Against Zombies”

Zombie podcasts (thanks to Lurch and Steve Wands):

Music this week: Morbid Angel | Gorillaz

Midnight Podcast Episode 165


I’m happy to welcome back to the show Eric S. Brown, who talks with me about the vast amount of projects he has going on, plus a ton of other cool stuff. Check out his editorial debut with Wolves of War.

Brian in Colorado gives another beer review — and this time for a brew he hates. Misfitboy continues his series of Romero zombie movie reviews with Dawn of the Dead (1978). The two movies I review this week are Demons (1985) and Flesh for Frankenstein (1973).

Zombie News:

Real News: “151 young flu patients have exhibited abnormal behavior” (thanks to Matt Mogk)

Zombie Research: “The Nature of Mobs – Human and Zombie”

Music this week: Superjoint Ritual | Helmet

Midnight Podcast Episode 164


This episode, I finally get around to talking about Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1973). A lot of people have talked about this before, so I try to focus on aspects of it that haven’t be discussed before on the show. I also talk about comics: the newest Walking Dead, and the newly-released zombie comics FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, and Victorian Undead.

Brian in Colorado delivers another fantastic beer review, and CarnageCake tells us about the Canadian horror channel Dusk, while Misfitboy begins his series of George Romero’s zombie films with a review of Night of the Living Dead (1968). During the Voicemail of Death segment, Alan calls in a quick review of Automaton Transfusion (2006), and UndeadMuffin reviews 2 iPhone apps.

Zombie News:

Real News: “Man in zombie mask robs liquor store” (thanks to Matt Mogk)

Zombie Research: Zombie Mad Cow Disease!

Music this week: Fantomas

Midnight Podcast Episode 163


I’m excited this week to be talking with author Robert R. Best, who wrote the zombie novel Lakewood Memorial, as well as the horror anthology All Kinds of Things Kill. He’s also part of Don’t Look in the Podcast, which everyone in the world should be required to listen to.

CarnageCake gives us his thoughts on Left 4 Dead 2, and Misfitboy calls in his review of Colin. I review two zombie movies: Night of the Living Dorks (2006), and Motocross Zombies from Hell (2007).

Zombie News:

Real News: “Queens man says he didn’t kill wife, son – his split personality did”

Zombie Research: “Brains” zombie t-shirt | Last Night on Earth zombie board game

Music this week: Zombie!

Midnight Podcast Episode 162


Have you checked out Zombie Roomie yet? You really should.

Also, check out MID Productions on YouTube!

Lots of reviews this week, starting off with CarnageCake’s take on the video game Dead Space. UndeadMuffin calls in a review for Colin (2008), and I give you my feelings on the 2-DVD special edition from the UK. Jeff from DC writes in about the infected zombie movie Carriers (2009), and Misfitboy is so cool as to review the book I’m writing for National Novel Writing Month.

Of course, Left 4 Dead 2 came out this week, and I’ll tell you my impressions of it. I also got to watch Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated during the Facebook Comicon, and I give my review. I also review the German movie Virus Undead (2005).

Zombie News:

Real News: “‘Cannibals’ arrested for killing man and selling his body parts to kebab and pie shop”

Zombie Research: “Burning Zombies May Spread Infection”

Music this week: Operation Ivy | Tom Waits

Midnight Podcast Episode 161


I had a great time this week talking to writer/director/etc. of Deadlands: The Rising and Deadlands 2: Trapped, Gary Ugarek. You’ll hear us talking about filmmaking, horror, Twilight, running zombies, football, and more.

Brian in Colorado introduces us to Chicken Killer in this week’s beer review. I’ll review the newly-released movie Dead Air (2009) and the new documentary Autopsy of the Dead (2009).

Zombie News:

Real News:

Zombie Research: “What Are Your Chances of Survival?”

Music this week: Kevin MacLeod | Black Sabbath

Midnight Podcast Episode 160


Zombie carnage ensues this week as I welcome 2 special guests to the show: James Melzer, author of The Zombie Chronicles and fellow podcaster; and Shaun Robert Smith, creator of zombie short The Soldier (watch it here) and director of the upcoming Nazi zombie film The 4th Reich.

Apocalypse Dan returns for another installment of Survival 101, talking about everyone’s favorite survival item: duct tape. Brian in Colorado reviews some winter beer, and CarnageCake tells us what he thought about Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008). Vaughn from Motion Picture Massacre also sent over his review of Colin (2008). I review the episode of Medium entitled “Bite Me,” which aired just before Halloween and featured scenes from Night of the Living Dead (1968). I also review Deadlands: The Rising (2006) and the newly-released Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008), and DJ Frenchy also calls in his thoughts about both Deadlands movies.

Read my National Novel Writing Month attempt here. Yeah, it’s got zombies in it.

Thanks to Benglish from The Armchair Quarterbacks for sending the song “Re: Your Brains.” You rock!

Zombie News:

Real News:

Zombie Research: Uncle Sam Unprepared for Zombies

Music this epsiode: Jonathan Coulton

Midnight Podcast Special Edition – The Rising


The book of the month for October is Brian Keene’s The Rising. The conversation involves Florida Possum, Apocalypse Dan, Damocles, Undeadmuffin, and Corey. Plus we hear comments sent in by Brian in Colorado, Jororo and Badhammer. Our most controversial and polarizing book of the month yet!