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The ZRC Store is Open!

As of Black Friday, the Zombie Reporting Center has opened it's own webstore offering branded merchandise from their own site. For those of you who have not yet heard of the ZRC, it is easily one of the most thorough and often updated zombie sites on the net today. As loyal ZRC readers, we here at the Zombie Notes Newsgroup whole-heartedly support ZRC's merchandising efforts and suggest to all readers, even if you are not interested in buying zombie merchandise, to check out ZRC for frequent updates on zombie stuff. Below are a few images of the items currently available at the ZRC Store:

ZRC Tees: quality printing in 3 colors on American Apparel shirts. Comes with free ZRC sticker.

Zombie Survival Kit: Comes complete with a copy of Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide, a REAL machete, and a non-functional firearm, all contained in a glass case illuminated from the inside by blue LED lights (not shown).

Versatile Solutions for Modern Surviving

Zombie Outbreak Survival Kits, assembled by Z.E.R.O., the Zombie Emergency Response Operation, have sold out several times from the shop at Fearwerx.com but are now being offered via pre-order for a new shipment to be coming this October. While calling the package a "Survival Kit" may be a little misleading (considering it includes neither a machete, a sidearm nor even a supply of bottled water) there is no doubt that it is an inexpensive collection of unique zombie-themed products that would add a touch of class and decorum to any bomb shelter, boarded-up home or Halloween party. Each kit includes:
  • approx. 20 ft. of "ZOMBIE OUTBREAK" barrier tape
  • 4 warning/hazard signs
  • 8 warning/hazard stickers
  • 16 trading cards
  • 2 toe tags
  • instructional poster
  • sterile "bite kit"
  • glow sticker and lapel button
  • BONUS: Target practice CD-ROM w/game and wallpapers!
The Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit is available for $19.99 alongside a plethora of other zombie products available at Fearwerx.com. All of which are great accessories to the independent Fearwerx production: War of the Dead, an episodic zombie series which premiered last year.