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Hammer Films’ “The Woman in Black” To Be Remade in 3-D

Groan…another classic horror film is getting the unnecessary 3-D treatment. This time it’s the little seen but extremely spooky ghost story The Woman in Black, based on the book of the same name by Susan Hill. Read the official press release from Hammer Films below: Co-Chairman of Exclusive Media Group (Exclusive), Guy East, and CEO of Hammer Films, [...]

More Exclusive Stills from “Let Me In”

More stills from the upcoming remake Let Me In… Though the pics don’t seem to tell us much, I do appreciate that the filmmaker has decided to keep the same bleak, cold tone. I’m not thrilled about this remake, but as with all “reimagings” it’ll be interesting to see how the filmmaker has interpreted the source [...]

Exclusive First Look at “Let Me In”

Check out the new photo below for an exclusive first peek at the U.S. remake of Let the Right One In, retitled Let Me In. Chloe Moretz stars in Overture Films’ Let the Right One In. Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani ©2010 Fish Head Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved. About the film: An alienated 12-year-old boy befriends a mysterious young [...]

Wild Eye Bootlegs Its Own Release of “Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated”

In advance of its Special Edition DVD bow on July 27th, the groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated will first be “released” in a no-frills, not-so-special bootleg edition in May. “Not everyone who wants to see the latest films can afford to, especially these days,” explains Wild Eye Releasing founder and principal, Rob Hauschild. “So [...]

Wes Craven Directing Scream 4

After much speculation and swirling rumors, here it is, kids, official word that Wes Craven will be helming Scream 4. Here is the official press release: Dimension Films is putting the finishing touches on its 2011 slate which focuses on continuing its most successful franchises.  The first project to go into production this spring will [...]

Freddy vs. Freddy

Shocks me to say this, but we really do have a tendency to remember our childhood as being sweeter than it actually was. I say shocking because that quote comes from the always introspective Michael Bay, one of the producers of the remake/re-imagining/whatever they call it these days, who's bringing us back to Elm Street in 2010. I can't believe how cheesy the original looks to my grownup eyes. The laughable scares, dated music and cheap special effects now make me groan more than anything else -- does this count as one of my semi-weekly throwbacks? Hey, there goes a young Johnny Depp! The new trailer, on the other hand, looks like the business. Love Englund, but New Freddy has a creepy vibe and a genuine menace about him. I know Bay's fingerprints are all over this, but maybe, just maybe...

The Uninvited

“A Tale of Two Sisters” was probably the first Asian horror flick that made me sit up and pay attention to the genre. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood would sink its claws into the film rights, so now we have “The Uninvited”. The commercials seem creepy enough, but nothing grabs me -- really hard movie to sell without giving away the good stuff. Still, if “The Unborn” was able to make 21 million in its opening weekend, “Uninvited” should do just fine.

Crow remake

It’s good to see Stephen Norrington working again, but this seems like a reach -- a gritty, documentary style version? The franchise is in shambles and I can’t imagine fans of the original will be pleased. Of course, folks said the same thing about Batman...

Angel Heart remake?

According to Variety, there’s an “Angel Heart” remake in the works... Hmmm. Back in ‘87, there was a ton of controversy surrounding the film because of the graphic sex scene with Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet -- who was doing her damndest to shed her sitcom good girl image. Strange picture. A little ahead of its time with the twisty ending and some creepy performances, but my overall opinion soured over the years. What seemed dark and daring to me as an adolescent, now looks cheap and exploitative. Damn you, maturity! I suppose they’ll trot out Beyonce or someone like that to play Epiphany in a PG-13 version. In fact, it’d probably be more fun to see who they’d cast in the major roles than sitting through the film again.


That Asian horror movie remake train just keeps chugging along at full steam. I’m gonna have to make a list of all the projects in development because it’s becoming incredibly difficult to keep track of them. “Shutter” is a film I knew almost nothing about until I caught the original on the Sundance Channel’s Asia Extreme. Basically, the plot goes something like this: a photographer and his girlfriend are involved in a hit and run accident and are subsequently haunted by the ghost of their victim -- via his photographs. Sounds straightforward enough, until they go back to the scene of the crime and discover there’s little evidence to support the idea that they hit anyone. An extra helping of creepiness is added when some of their friends start committing suicide. This sounds way more interesting than the actual execution but it’s a pretty decent supernatural thriller. It’s anyone’s guess if the remake will be any good. As I’ve said before, these films are far from perfect but they approach the genre in a way that a lot of our films don’t anymore. Less emphasis on the MTV quick cut, Boo-Ha! moments and more on building suspense and trying to creep you out. I’m hoping to bring that sensibility to my “Supernatural” spec, which is still in the chicken scratch stage at this point.

One Missed Call

That freaky poster certainly gets your attention... I still say the J-Horror craze is over but Hollywood loves to remake a dead horse. Basically, “One Missed Call” is kind of like “The Ring” but instead of a cursed videotape, you get cursed cell phone calls from your future dead self. Looks like it should catch on with the teens and the creepy ring tone will be popular. As far as the original goes, I got bored halfway through... which happens a lot...