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Dec 1, Military Assists Town Under Attack by Creatures

I've been looking everywhere for this film but I can't remember the title. In a small town somewhere in the desert, a lot of strange things happen.

Dec 1, Asian Woman Tortured With Drill Through the Hand

I saw a torture horror film in the 80's that had an Asian woman being tortured with a drill going through her hand. Any

Dec 1, Blonde Possessed Girl Sees Devil in Mirror, Calls Him ‘Father’

I remember a movie from the 80's about a bunch of college students at some creepy old place running an experiment. A blonde, possessed woman keeps

Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ Begins Casting, Official Breakdown!

Man, I hate retyping information. This afternoon I received a fax from a close friend with some really interesting Intel. Apparently, Disney is officially undergoing casting for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, although a shoot date or location has yet to be locked down. At least they're moving on the project, at least that's something. Anyways, below you'll find the official breakdown being sent out to New York actors. Frankenweenie (1984) is one of Burton's earlier films, a parody of the 1931 film Frankenstein based on Mary Shelley's book of the same name. The story tells of a man who brings his dog back to life after it is killed by a car.

John Landis Runs Into ‘Some Guy Who Kills People’

Here's something out of left field. We just received word that John Landis (American Werewolf in London, "Thriller") will be producing Some Guy Who Kills People, which is now casting for a January shoot. In the film a quiet town is uprooted by a series of murders committed by someone bent on revenge. What does this mean for Landis' Burke and Hare, which is to star Dan Aykroyd, Simon Pegg, David Tennant and Bill Nighy? It shouldn't get in the way as he'll only be backing Some Guy Who Kills People, with a director soon to be announced.

A Family of Fiends in ‘Monster of the House’

Blood Disgusting caught wind of an interesting new horror film casting for a December shoot. Monster of the House, a horror comedy from director Greg Pritikin, follows a teenage werewolf, elder vampire, crazy scientist, and a zombie living together in a house add a seemingly normal female roommate only to find out she's even more of a monster than they are. Pritikin has some experience with some A-listers as he directed Dummy (2002) starring Milla Jovovich and Adrien Brody.

‘The Twilight Zone’ Finally Coming to Blu-ray?

This news couldn't have come at a better time as I just started revisiting my Definitive "Twilight Zone" box set. Maybe I'll wait a bit? Blu-ray.com is writing that according to sources cited by specialized site TV Shows on DVD, Image Entertainment has begun preparing the classic television series "The Twilight Zone" for release on Blu-ray during 2010, possibly using the high-definition masters struck when the studio released the Definitive Edition DVD sets in 2004-2005. YES. No more edition details are known at this early stage.

Wizards and Witches Confront ‘Beautiful’ Curse

All it takes is a few more flops and this phase of crappy teen adaptation will finally come to and end. Warner Bros. is looking ahead as with Harry Potter ready to graduate from Hogwarts, Warners has gone back to the cauldron to stir up another coming-of-age wizard franchise. The studio has acquired Beautiful Creatures, the first of a five-novel series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl that's being published todayby Little, Brown. Richard LaGravenese is set to write the script and direct the film. In the first book, high-school student Ethan Wate meets and becomes bewitched by Lena Duchannes, a 16-year-old whose family has moved to the small South Carolina town where he lives. The two must confront a curse that has haunted her family for generations as she comes to grips with her powers.

Red Band Trailer Debut for Joel Schumacher’s ‘Blood Creek’

Here's something a little odd. With the film already in theaters (dumped by Lionsgate), we are just now brining you the red band trailer for Joel Schumacher's Blood Creek, which now arrives on DVD January 19. Dominic Purcell and Henry Cavill star as brothers on a mission of revenge who become trapped in a harrowing occult experiment that dates back to the Third Reich. Watch the trailer below or click here for our review.

TV News: ‘Prison Break’ Star Joins ‘True Blood’, Latest ‘Dexter’ Clips

Only a few episodes of season four are left, and for those of you who have trouble waiting a measly six days for a new episode of "Dexter", beyond the break you'll find two new clips from this Sunday's episode. In other TV news, "Prison Break" star Marshall Allman will be joining the cast of HBO's "True Blood" as a regular for the show's third season. He'll will play Tommy Mickens, the long-lost younger brother of Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) who works at a Tire Depot in Arkansas. He is the second new series regular cast on Alan Ball's drama following the hire of Denis O'Hare as Russell Eddington, the Vampire King of Mississippi. Meanwhile, Shannon Lucio has landed a guest role on the vampire drama. Lucio will play Caroline Compton, the wife of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) who lived during the Civil War. Amber Dawn Landrum played the character in a flashback on the show's first season. Production on the third season of "Blood" begins this week in Los Angeles.

A Look at the ‘Predators’ Home Planet

KNGB News is reporting that Troublemaker Studios recently used Canyon Lake Gorge in Texas as a backdrop for Predators, adding that the location will be used as a portion of the Predator's home planet in 20th Century Fox's Preadtor remake arriving in theaters July 9, 2010. "Specifically, they went to a spot that 10 years ago didnt exist, but after flood of 2001, when water went over the spillway at Canyon Lake, a huge gorge was cut out of the landscape, and apparently the filmmakers thought the gorge was the perfect look to create an alien landscape," writes KNGB. In this version, a group of humans will find themselves stranded on a planet home to Predators and must survive the horrors they encounter. You can check out a look at the landscape below.

A New ‘Elm Street’ Doc Entitled ‘I Am Nancy’?

'El Terror' writes in to Bloody Disgusting with news of another potential A Nightmare on Elm Street documentary. "I didn't know if you were aware but there is a new documentary being made starring Heather Langenkamp which is called 'I am Nancy'. She mentioned it when I met her at a convention the other day and it is all about her playing Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street and stuff that's happened since. I think it could be worth a mention. I'm quite excited about it." Check out the official website for a tease.

Interview with ‘The Descent: Part 2’ Director, Several New Clips!

To go along with our exclusive bloody clip below, we've added several new clips from The Descent: Part 2 that come courtesy of the film's official website. In addition, we have just posted our exclusive one-on-one chat with Jon Harris, director of Pathe Films' hotly anticipated sequel arriving in UK cinemas December 4 (this Friday you lucky, luck bastards!). The sequel will continue the story of Sarah, who as the only survivor of an all-female caving expedition gone horrifically wrong, suffers severe psychological trauma. Unable to speak, she accompanies a rescue team back to the cave, but events once again take a sinister turn. We'll unlock the ID page for the film this Friday so you guys in the UK can write your own reviews. We hope to hear good thinks (please be good).

‘The Evil Dead’ Returns to Theaters, New Poster, First Dates!

It was recently announced that Grindhouse Releasing would be bringing Sam Raimis original horror classic The Evil Dead back to the big screen as a midnight movie. Today we got our hands on the new theatrical one sheet, along with some locations and dates. We're still working out details for our screening in Los Angeles this March, but you can get your tickets now over at the official NuArt website (pull down dates to March 5).

risk accepted

Today marks the opening of the Lifetime floodgates, people, and you only have yourselves to blame! That's right, horror-related Lifetime movies are officially on the Final Girl docket, and I say it's about durn time. First up: Acceptable Risk (2001), a film that finally unites the Salem witch trials and mold spores together in one positively scintillating tale of medical research gone awry. See, this is Robin Cook's Acceptable Risk- that's Doctor Robin Cook of Coma, Terminal, Virus, and a bunch of other medical thrillers that I want to like more than I actually do.

Now, that syringe filled with You Can't Do That On Television!- style goo may lead you to believe that there will be some Re-Animator shenanigans to come...well, I hate to burst your bubble, friendo, but the green goo does not make an appearance in the film, nor does an oversized novelty needle. I think I'm going to sue.

All is not lost, however, for Kelly Rutherford does indeed make an appearance in Acceptable Risk- in this, the cover does not lie. Yes, Kelly Rutherford, who stole the hearts of all the world over as prostitute-turned-receptionist Megan on Melrose Place.

Here Rutherford stars as Kim Welles, a...student of some sort who inherits a creaky old house in Massachusetts from relatives she never knew she had. Isn't that always the way? I'm hoping I have some weirdo relatives out there (ones I don't know about, at least) who will leave me a haunted house in their will when they shuffle off to the afterlife. Kim and her medical researcher husband Edward (Chad Lowe) move in, excited to start a new life in their mortgage-free home.

Yes, I said haunted! Or, at least, Acceptable Risk wants you to think the house is haunted. New neighbor Lois (Patty McCormack, the Bad fucking Seed!) talks about all the mysterious deaths that have occurred there, while the Welles experience mild Amityville-ish phenomena, such as mysterious water stains, power fluctuations, red foamy bathwater and the like. They find a secret walled-up room in the basement, and after that any supernatural explanations are quickly discarded. You see, it's not ghosts that are the problem in this house: it's a crystalline mold!

The weird stuff is growing all over the walls in the hidden room, and before you can say "health hazard", Edward gets some of it all over an open wound on his arm. His arm goes immediately numb, which immediately leads him to believe the mold may have analgesic properties, which immediately leads him to bringing some spores to his lab to inject into rats suffering from brain disorders, which immediately leads to the rats showing restored brain function, which immediately leads to Edward thinking he may have found a cure for Alzheimer's, which immediately leads to Edward ingesting the spores himself, which immediately leads to Edward becoming a super genius, which immediately leads to Edward calling his new drug discovery ULTRA, which immediately leads to...hmm, maybe I should have made a flow chart.

In the great Jekyll and Hyde tradition of such films as The Fly and Hollow Man, Edward's discovery seems like a miracle, causing him to gain IQ points and run really fast (which is implied, of course, but showing him running in slow motion)...but, inevitably, he soon begins acting like a real jerk. He yells at his wife, he eats without silverware, and before you know it he's bare-chested and wrestling wolves like Leslie Nielsen lite. Mother of God, he's coming apart!

Kim notices that Edward is venturing into Cuckoo Town, but what she doesn't know is that he's not the only one! Edward has set up a lab on their property so his controversial research can thrive without the eyes of more...conservative scientists watching. He goads his assistants- a small group which includes Sean Patrick Flanery- into taking ULTRA as well, telling them it's an acceptable risk. Soon the sleepy town has four drug-addicted loonies on the loose- it's like Intervention meets Amityville meets Lifetime...in other words, it's a this isn't good by any means but I can't help enjoying it dream come true for me.

Edward begins to regain a bit of clarity, and realizes that ULTRA may not be all its cracked up to be, and that an increased IQ isn't worth it when one is suddenly eating meals sans silverware. He decides to stop the trials- but not before Sean Patrick Flanery runs Patty McCormack off the road in raging fit of road rage!

Edward puts the ULTRA formula on a 3.5 inch floppy disk (???) and locks it in safe, which seems to be the only way to ensure that this dangerous research is never found...well, the only way that doesn't involve not putting the research on a disk, or destroying the research altogether, or at the least destroying the disk.

Anyway, another assistant experiences her own moment of clarity and decides to call the police- but not before Sean Patrick Flanery bashes her head in!

Edward decides to call the police himself- but not before Sean Patrick Flanery drives off with the drug samples that Edward locked away instead of destroying!

Kim decides to call the police- but not before the remaining rogue assistant ties her up in the storage room!

Car chase, gun shots, fire, unearthed coffins, and death...proving once and for all what your mother told you: if you find some crystalline mold growing in the root cellar, do not eat it.

Oh, and if you're wondering how the Salem witch trials ties into this whole thing, well, it turns out that Kim's ancestor and her friends were exposed to the mold, which means that they started hallucinating and acting violently, which means that people thought they were witches, which means they were witches, which means they were hanged.

So there you go. Unfortunately, the supernatural shenanigans early on in the film were all just a red herring. Still, watching Acceptable Risk was an acceptable risk that panned out for the best- by which I mean it's not a good movie whatsoever, but I don't care*. When I've got Chad Lowe wrestling wolves and Megan, the hooker with a heart of gold, I need nothing else!

*I have a feeling that's how a lot of these Lifetime reviews are going to work out.